MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: To our loyal customers and all those concerned:

It has been an interesting, educational, and trying five years. We want to thank each and every one of you that we have had the pleasure of serving and introducing to the Rounder. We have encountered some successes and many, many challenges along this road and have shared in a lot of happiness and disappointment along the way. With a tough year and the continuing challenges we experience with our truck, we have come to the very difficult decision to bring Localmotive to an end this Fall. We plan on serving up Rounders and Frites through Saturday, October 15th, or until we sell out of all the remaining food we have.

We will operate both the truck and our shared store front with Ted & Wally’s until then. Our decision to close will in no way affect Ted & Wally’s operation, and we are actively working with Ted & Wally’s to find them a great fit for a new tenant to serve Benson delicious, hot food. We can’t thank Joe Pittack and Jeanne Ohira enough for their amazing partnership and willingness to put up with us over the last five years. They are truly amazing individuals and we wish them the absolute best with their continued success.

We appreciate our customers and fans alike that have embraced our food truck and original take on street food over the past five years. You have kept us going at our most difficult times. Last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you goes out to our families and friends that have been through everything with us, the great team members we have encountered over the years, and the amazing suppliers that we have had the opportunity to meet, learn about and work with. You have all made it possible to do what we have done.

Thank you!