One-Year Anniversary

One year ago today, parked outside The Waiting Room in Benson, we made our debut on the Omaha food scene.  Serving the hungry people at a Hootenanny (a local foods fundraiser organized by our dear friend Lori Tatreau), we went head first into what became a year marked by numerous ups, and a few downs.

Lessons Learned:

1.)  Owning a food truck means automotive problems occur. We found this out early, when we had to miss St. Patrick’s Day service last year, due to a leaking brake system.  Not a happy St. Paddy’s Day, to say the least.

2.)  Never leave our late-night-home on 12th and Jackson for anything, ever, even for the College World Series.  For nearly two full weeks in June, we opted to park at the Slowdown for the duration of the College World Series.  We won’t leave our loyal followers, again.

3.)  Be careful about menu changes.  It is clear something is wrong, when people are literally driving by and shouting, “Bring back the chicken sandwich on focaccia!”  Point taken.  Now, we do more specials, more often, keeping our base menu mostly constant (There may be a subtle change soon, so stayed tuned).

4.)  Our truck hates cold weather, and so do we. Enough said.

5.)  Late night services downtown are an absolute blast.  We thrive on the downtown, late-night scene.  We love our loyal regulars, we love meeting new customers, and most of all, we love serving food to all of you.  It is our passion, and that will never change.

Expectations, Year 2:

1.)  We will keep putting out new, creative specials.  It was our goal last year, but it is now a reality.  We will not stop.

2.) We aim to do more events, more often.  There is nothing quite like an event rush.  Lots of people, lots of food, lots of fun.  Bring it on.

3.)  Improvement, improvement, improvement.  As a budding business, we know we have room to grow.  We will keep raising the bar on our food, our service and our brand (Localmotive apparel, coming soon).

Special Thanks

There are numerous people to thank for making our first year a success.  That said, we offer a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our first year a success.  You know who you are: friends, family, business partners, and most of all, our loyal customers.  You made the past year possible, and you provided foundation for the future.  Onward and upward!  Here’s to another great year of success!

-The Localmotive Team

DSC02289 DSC02299

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