Localmotive Kickstarter Backer Rally

Thanks to everyone who came down to support the Localmotive team in our effort to get back to serving late-night food!  You guys showed up in full force! Thanks to Borgata Brewery and Distillery for letting the Localmotive faithful pack the house! For those who have not been down to Borgata, go soon.  They are truly experts at their craft.

Thanks also goes to the OK Party Comedy Crew for putting on an excellent show.  They had people laughing all night.  Cheers to their whole crew.  Check them out at their next show, at Pageturners Lounge, on June 18th.  They kill the comedy game.

With 14 days left, the Kickstart Localmotive effort is nearly half funded with almost $18,000! WOWZA!  We have a long ways to go, but the 181 supporters have our total appreciation!  Keep spreading the word, and WE WILL GET BACK ON THE ROAD! MUCH LOVE!


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