All Systems GO, GO, GO!

Since our last update, we have been working behind the scenes to bring Localmotive back to the streets of Omaha, and we have made HUGE strides.

In fact, just today, we established a long-term partnership with our new friends at First Westroads Bank, and the second coming of Localmotive is now fully funded!  This is possible only because of your generous pledges and the wave of support throughout the entire campaign.  THANK YOU!

But, there’s more.  Not only did we reach an agreement with FW Bank, we also have the final design for the new truck and have provided the blueprint for all of our backers to see.  Feast your eyes on the future of Localmotive:

This is where you shout: WOOOHOOOO!

With the design in place and the loan agreement finalized, this train is FULL STEAM AHEAD!

Now, to you, our generous backers.  We can’t say it enough: without your support, there is no Localmotive relaunch.  This is YOUR victory as much as it is ours.  And, as it were, victories often come with rewards. Over the weekend, you can expect surveys and messages to be sent out asking for all the pertinent information we need to get you the rewards you all so very much deserve.  The information we need is specific to each type of backer, but ALL OF YOU should  be looking for shout-outs on Facebook, Twitter, our Website and if you’re close enough to the Localmotive home base, you will be able to hear us sing your praises to the world (seriously).

In the meantime, take a peek at the Kickstarter campaign from our friends atFarmTable Delivery.  They bring local food, produced by local farmers, to people like us! Plus, if you or someone you know wanted to get some of our rewards but missed the deadline, you can still get some of them by pledging to FarmTable’s Kickstarter! Check it out! They have just 8 days to go!

We are just getting started.  Be on the lookout for plenty more updates as the truck takes shape.  As backers, you ALL will get the behind-the-scenes perspective.  Stay tuned…


Patrick, David, Dave and the Localmotive Team


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