Three Years and Counting

Three years ago, today—almost to the hour—we embarked on our first ever food truck service. Looking back, we didn’t have a thorough understanding of what it would take to run a food truck. But, we did have a vision: to bring affordable, locally-sourced food to the streets of Omaha. Today marks the point where vision was put to action, and we’ve never been more excited about the future. Here’s why:

  • After being down over a year, this year will be our FIRST FULL YEAR BACK! That may say it all.
  • Regular specials will return. AND, they will be better than ever. It won’t be today, it won’t be tomorrow, but you will see them back on board very soon!
  • Our staff is finally back to full strength. It took some time, but we have great new crew members climbing aboard, and our team is poised to be stronger than ever.
  • New crew members means added services. We are EXTREMELY EXCITED to announce Localmotive lunches in Downtown Omaha. No official start date, yet, but the same place we call home for late night services will soon be our home for lunches. From year one, we’ve wanted to be downtown for lunch. In year four, it happens. HUGE THANKS to our friends at Ted & Wally’s for continuing to be a great partner and supporter of all things Localmotive. We couldn’t do it without them.

If the year ahead looks exciting, it is the year behind that makes it so. In 2014, we went from a brief period of somber thought gathering, to an idea, to planning, to fundraising, to building, and finally to re-launch.

All of that, to be back here today, writing a 3-Year Anniversary post and looking at a promising year four. In a word: WOW! Thanks to all that helped bring us back, and to all those riding the train onward. We’re full steam ahead.

Much Love,

-The Localmotive Crew

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